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    What if you went to a parallel universe and were going to meet your evil self but the version of you there is actually really nice and you’re the asshole

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    If there’s a “heavens no” and a “hell yes” why isn’t there a “purgatory maybe”


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  5. Sisters Athena and Aramis Jordan ; Kandice Markham ; Asiyah Patel ; Austen King ; Zodiac Triplets: Gemini, Libra, and Leo. These are my favorite Sims who are not IRL Sims [based on real people, obviously].

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    Uhh, I’m pretty sure when I read books, I make them w.e fucking color I want to.

    It shouldn’t be the reader’s responsibility to superimpose themselves — their race, their sexual identity, their culture — onto a character. I have the imaginative capacity to picture any character I read in whatever way I want. But I don’t just want to “black face” a canonically white character for my own benefit. I want a character whose cultural and social experiences are apart of who they are and how they are written.

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Get inside me


    Get inside me

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Marvel is replacing Steve Rogers with the new, black Captain America
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  10. Attn. Stardom: Hollywood and Kim Kardashian: Hollywood players:

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